Characteristics of Shelter-Relinquished Animals and Their Owners Compared With Animals and Their Own

Animal shelters in the United States annually receive millions of relinquished dogs and cats, and risk factors for relinquishment are not fully unders ...

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Vet Raises Concerns About Aggressive Dogs Up For Adoption

A veterinarian was attacked by a pit bull at a local shelter. A doctor and a former staff member call the facility a “ticking bomb” saying many o ...

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Humane or Insane? - Importation of foreign stray animals into US shelters threatens health, sustains ‘overpopulation’

If you don't know what's happening at your local animal shelter, or what local pet rescue groups are doing, it's time to find out! Destruc ...

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Understanding Animal Companion Surplus in the United States: Relinquishment of Nonadoptables to Animal Shelters for Euthanasia

Relinquishing a nonhuman animal to a shelter is a complex decision that, it is often believed, ultimately may represent a breakdown of the human&ndash ...

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Border Puppies and Public Health, LA County Veterinary Public Health, “Puppy Mills go Global”

Thousands of puppies are smuggled annually into the United States for illegal sale and profit.  Large numbers are sold in LA County.  Genera ...

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Smuggled Puppies a Concern to California

Everyone loves a soft cute puppy – those sweet brown eyes, short stubby legs, little wagging tail are hard to resist. Unfortunately, some people ...

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15 treated after Vt. puppy tests positive for rabies

"She was spunky and she was adorable and just full of it. And the cat wasn't really impressed with her, but they were making friends" Ju ...

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