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Our system displays graphs for shelters that have provided data. Values of zero (0) represent no data for that year/criteria/population. If you would like to know more about the data for any shelter that is listed, whether graphed or not, please contact us at



This reporting system reports most categories as adults, juveniles (under 5 months of age), or unknown age.  Totals are given first, followed by juveniles, then unknown.
Beginning count: 56
Stray/At Large: 86/42/0
Owner relinquish: 72/17/0
Transferred in: 37/12/0
Other intakes: 7/0/0
Total: 203/71/0
Adoption: 147/65/0
RTO: 43/2/0
Transferred out: 4/0/0
Other live outcome: 3/0/0
Died: 22/16/0
Lost: 0
Shelter euth: 2/0/0
Owner req. euth: 1/0/0
Ending count: 34
Beginning count: 3
Stray/At Large: 3/1/0
Owner relinquish: 1/0/0
Transferred in: 0
Other intakes: 0
Total: 4/1/0
Adoption: 3/3/0
RTO: 1/0/0
Transferred out: 2/1/0
TNR: 0
Other live outcome: 0
Died: 0
Lost: 0
Shelter euth: 0
Owner req. euth: 0
Ending count: 0