CO,LIttleton-Sterling Ranch Specialty Shelter

Criteria > Received Dogs
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Shelter Details
Shelter: CO,LIttleton-Sterling Ranch Specialty Shelter
State: Colorado
Animals Dogs
Criteria Received
Range 2021 - 2021
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Unless stated otherwise, all data is taken from the PACFA website. PACFA has instituted a much more informative method of reporting their data for dogs and cats, including the separation between adult animals and juveniles, with juveniles being defined as animals that are 120 days old or younger. The first figure is the total, followed by the juveniles only. Animals in care at the beginning of the year are not counted as intake; only newly arrived animals are counted. Dogs Beginning shelter count: 9/0 Beginning foster count: 0 Stray: 0 Owner surrender: 0 Transferred in from within the state: 0 Transferred in from out of state: 0 Incoming other (includes TNR/Prot/Cust/Returns/Disaster): 0 Total live intake: 0 Adoptions: 0 Returned to owner: 0 Transferred out within the state: 9/0 Transferred out to out of state: 0 Other live outcomes (TNR/SNR): 0 Died: 0 Missing/stolen: 0 Euthanasia: 0 Ending shelter count: 0 Ending foster count: 0

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